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WinBEAT integration now includes Policy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a valuable technology for any business. By performing as a central hub for detailed client information it has the ability to streamline communication between your business and its clients, delivering outstanding customer experiences that result in business growth.

Developed by Ebix, Australia’s leading insurance software provider, SmartOffice is a CRM that specifically meets the sales and marketing needs of insurance professionals. This includes the ability to develop profound customer relationships by managing sales pipelines and marketing campaigns with the aid of Microsoft Outlook email integration; gaining customer and business insight by creating dynamic reports; and keeping on top of repeat business and deadlines by tracking insurance policies and documents. 

SmartOffice sits seamlessly within any insurance business due to its integration with Ebix broking software and Microsoft Office. It is a web-based CRM, so it can be used anytime, anywhere and implemented almost instantly. 

Find out for yourself why more insurance professionals choose SmartOffice CRM over any other CRM by filling in your details and watching the demo video below.

Track and manage the effectiveness of marketing and sales campaigns with dynamic, real-time reporting.


Develop profound customer relationships with Policy tracking and comprehensive contact management.



Nurture leads through the sales pipeline with branded and personalised mass email marketing.

Make the most of business opportunities with client information at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.


Stand out from the crowd features

SmartOffice CRM is easily integrated with any Ebix broking system thanks to EIS (Enterprise Integration Service). EIS is a web service that sits in between SmartOffice and your broking system. Its purpose is to transmit client, prospect and policy information between SmartOffice and your broking system in real time to eliminate the need of managing two separate “Silos” of information. Given that Ebix broking systems are very much transaction focused, and SmartOffice CRM is very much client/prospect focused, the two programs very much complement each other. The EIS enables these two systems that already work well as standalone solutions to work together exceptionally, delivering a whole new level of productivity and client satisfaction to your business.

How does SmartOffice CRM integrate with your Ebix broking system?

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  • Designed specifically for the insurance industry, SmartOffice meets the unique sales and marketing requirements of insurance professionals including policy and document management, and a complete audit trail for compliance purposes.   
  • Developed by Australia's leading insurance software company, Ebix has been collaborating with the insurance industry since 1976 to produce the best insurance software on the market. 
  • SmartOffice is a flexible software, suitable for businesses of all sizes. It scales as your business scales, making it a cost effective CRM option.  
  • What you see is what you get. Unlike many other CRMs on the market, SmartOffice includes the core CRM functions in the base price.
  • We don't lock you into a long term contract because we are confident in our software. After 3 months you're free to discontinue at anytime.

Why SmartOffice has been the chosen CRM of the Insurance Industry for over 20 years

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