Insurance Broking's best CRM just got better.

The much anticipated new release of Ebix SmartOffice CRM is here and includes an abundance of new features and enhancements.

Modernised user interface and streamlined navigation

Enhanced email functionality and syncing

Enhancements to a range of modules

SmartOffice Anywhere mobile application

Multi-browser supported

Modernised user interface and streamlined navigation

The redesign of the SmartOffice interface takes the user experience to a new level and takes into consideration the different types of users and their roles; allowing for better user engagement and more efficient use of the software.

Now based on Microsoft Exchange Server


Enhanced synchronisation and automation


Increased choice of app integrations


Improved Reliability, Freedom, and Ease from Microsoft Office Suite integration

Microsoft Exchange Servers are now being used in place of plugins, enabling the Microsoft Office Suite integration to work in a much more intelligent way. Users now have the freedom to use the apps they like with their Microsoft Exchange account. 

Synchronisation between apps and SmartOffice Pro has increased reliability. Information is captured from your chosen calendar, email and appointment apps and synchronised in SmartOffice Pro in real-time.

Ease of use has been enhanced thanks to the SmartOffice Pro window now available from within Microsoft Outlook; allowing users to access SmartOffice features, such as client profile and documents, without having to leave Outlook.

Expanded Browser Support

The world's most popular internet browser


Still the second most used browser worldwide

Internet Explorer

SmartOffice Anywhere is responsive, touch-screen friendly and has clean, intuitive design

SmartOffice Anywhere is a lightweight version of the full featured CRM. Its simple user interface, responsive design and optimisation for touch-screen devices make SmartOffice Anywhere perfect for client-facing users out on the road.

It also makes a great tool for on-boarding new users, or any users that don't require administration access, thanks to its scaled-back design.

SmartOffice Anywhere can be used on any mobile device, as well as laptops and desktop computers, through either Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers.

Australian Insurance Brokers choose Ebix SmartOffice Pro CRM

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